Twenty-Eighteen: A Recap

We’re just about a week into 2019 now, and with that in mind, I thought I’d do a round-up of what my 2018 was all about. Thinking about it, so much more has happened over the last year than I had thought and I hope 2019 will follow in the same way as I’ve got […]

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Newcastle Christmas Markets

This is my first post in a little while, I had some time away to focus on other things and I’m feeling a lot better for it! I recently went to Newcastle for a weekend away, a surprise which was courtesy of my lovely girlfriend Leona, so I thought I’d share everything that we got […]

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Versatile Blogger Award

This is the first blogger award that I have received and to have got this after just over one month of blogging is pretty cool! Thank you to Alice over at Books, Bakes and BlogsΒ for the nomination – she posts some great content so after you’ve read this post (if you get that far) then […]

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Let’s start with the basics

Hey – Welcome to my first, official blog post! Before I get into posting my content, I wanted to do a lil introduction into who I am, why I’ve started this blog, what I’ll be blogging about, and the reasons behind my blog name and title. As you may (or probably not) have read in […]

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Hey, I’ve just started this blog (hence why it’s literally so bare), but I’ll be posting content within the next few days and regularly after that on things such as lifestyle, mental health, travel, personality, sexuality etc – basically about things I’ve experienced, have opinions on or think are generally worth sharing. My first post […]

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